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Saturday 12 June 2021

PM convenes meeting with Marib Local Authority

Thursday 06 May 2021 / Marib


Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik highly praised the significant progress made by Marib local authority, deeply appreciating the ongoing efforts to establish security, improve basic services, speed up the development drive and battling the Iran-backed Houthi militiamen.

His statement came as he presided over the local authority leadership session on Tuesday.

The session aimed to discuss the latest developments about the military, security and humanitarian situations in Marib which has been subjected to an aggressive military attacks by Houthi militiamen for months.

The governor of Marib General Sultan al-ِArradah provided a detail presentation about the situations in different fields, citing pressing needs and challenges need to be managed and the necessary support ought to be provided by the government.