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PLC VP Sultan Al-Arada Chairs Extended Meeting in Marib

Saturday 26 August 2023 / Marib Governorate

On Friday, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Vice President and Governor of Marib, chaired a comprehensive meeting in Marib that brought together various officials, including Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, undersecretaries of the Marib governorate, heads of the judiciary, academic institutions, military and security leaders, and political party representatives within the governorate.


During the meeting, al-Arada conveyed the greetings of His Excellency the Chairman of the PLC, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, and all the Council members' congratulations on the national rally and achievements made to advance the state project and its restoration.


He stressed the need of real alignment around the state project and the principles of September and October Revolutions, as well as putting aside conflicts, disputes, and small projects. Al-Arada pointed out that the terrorist Houthi militia's project is experiencing erosion from within and facing significant internal problems, most notably the refusal of the people to be subordinate to Wilayat al-Faqih of Qom and their rejection of the militia's vision and its deviant ideology. However, he warned the Houthis will only accept peace if it aligns with their ideology, as true peace threatens their existence, mentioning that they are attempting to buy time and manipulate other parties.


"We will continue to stand firm, irrespective of the challenges, until our state is restored and peace is achieved, whether through the UN or, if necessary, with the assistance of our brave armed forces, security personnel, and popular resistance," said the PLC VP Sultan Al-Arada, adding that "the Yemeni people possess greater power, will and rights than the Houthis." Gen al-Arada cautioned against losing patience as the terrorist Houthi militia, under the umbrella of false peace, continues to freely bring in whatever they desire, while besieging people, and blocking vital ports, roads, and exports that sustain the Yemeni citizens.


He further addressed the attendees, reminding them that they represent the Republic of Yemen and serve as the hope of the people, adding that they "must assume their responsibilities competently and mobilize people towards restoring the state, while avoiding regionalism, tribalism, factionalism, and sectarianism."


The meeting concluded with a call for unity and cooperation among all Yemenis to accomplish the objectives of the national project and restoration of the state.