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Wednesday 24 July 2024

Al-Aradah Announces Construction of Two Colleges and Residential Buildings at Saba Region University in Marib

Friday 22 September 2023 / Marib



Major General Sultan Al-Aradah, Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council, made a significant announcement on Thursday regarding the commencement of construction for two colleges and residential buildings at Saba Region University. Additionally, an engineering office has been assigned the responsibility of finalizing the university's comprehensive floor plan, known as the Master Plan .


During his address at the university's ceremony, which aimed to welcome new students and honor the top performers from the previous academic year, Major General Al-Aradah conveyed warm greetings and well-wishes from the political leadership and the government for the students in their academic career.


He emphasized the paramount importance of delivering high-quality university education that adheres to both local and international academic standards and accreditation and to continue enhancing academic performance in alignment with the university's strategic plan.