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Al-Arada Recieves Delegation from Arab Scout Organization, Yemeni Scouts and Guides Association

Monday 25 September 2023 / Marib Governorate


Major General Sultan al-Arada, Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), received on Monday a delegation comprising the Secretary-General of the Arab Scout Organization (ASO), Amr Hamdi, and the head of the Yemeni Scouts and Guides Association, Mishaal al-Daeri. The delegation is visiting Marib Governorate to participate in the 61st anniversary of the 26th September revolution and the 60th anniversary of the 14th October revolution.

In recognition of Al-Arada's dedication to youth development and his unwavering support for the young scout movement, he was presented with honors in the form of shields from both the Arab Scout Organization and the Scouts and Guides Association during the meeting.

General al-Arada welcomed the delegation, especially to Secretary-General Hamdi, who is making his inaugural visit to Marib, highlighting the significance of the 26th September revolution, which was underpinned by Egypt. He also emphasized Egypt's support for the Yemeni people, spanning various fields, including education, military cooperation, and political collaboration.


For their parts, Amr Hamdi and Mishaal al-Daeri detailed the objectives of their visit to the Marib Governorate, highlighting its historical and central role in shaping Yemen's present and future. They expressed their deep appreciation for the warm reception. Hamdi, the Secretary-General of ASO, emphasized that the 26th September revolution transcends national boundaries; it is an Arab revolution characterized by its humanitarian goals and principles, adding that this revolution has amplified Yemen's active role on Arab and international stages in supporting various Arab causes.