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Thursday 18 July 2024

PLC VP Al-Arada Announces Opening of Marib-Baydha-Sana'a Road

Sunday 09 June 2024 / Marib Governorate


Marib, Yemen - June 9, 2024 - Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council and Governor of Marib, Sultan al-Arada, announced the opening of the Marib-Baydha-Sana'a road on Sunday, June 9, 2024, after completing the necessary arrangements.


The announcement came during a meeting today with representatives of a community initiative, where he stressed the importance of activating the role of society to support all humanitarian efforts and the success of efforts to open closed roads between Yemeni cities, which would end the suffering and risks faced by travelers during their movement through the desert and alternative arduous roads.

He pointed out that the initiative announced on Thursday, February 22, and the inauguration of the opening of the Marib-Nihm-Sana'a road and the confirmation at the time of the full readiness to open all roads linking Marib Governorate to other governorates, most notably Marib-Baydha-Sana'a and Marib-Serwah-Sana'a, were for the sake of citizens in all parts of the country for purely humanitarian reasons.


The PLC VP affirmed the firm stance of the political leadership, represented by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Mohammad al-Alimi, Chairman of the PLC, regarding the opening of all closed roads in all governorates, considering road access a basic right for all Yemenis.


Al-Arada praised the efforts of the community initiative members and their endeavors to open the Marib-Baydha road, stressing the need to open all closed roads, especially the Marib-Nihm-Sana'a road, as it is the nearest, most appropriate, and qualified international road for transporting goods and passengers. He also highlighted the importance of the Mala'a-Hareeb road, which serves one of the largest southern districts of the governorate.


Al-Arada noted the provocations and attempts by the Houthi terrorist militias to obstruct efforts to open roads, which the members of the initiative witnessed during the work of removing barriers and sand dunes, most notably the direct targeting of the teams, machinery and equipment that began the process of opening the Marib-Baydha road.

He pointed out that this targeting and direct sniping resulted in the serious injury of the driver of one of the equipment, who is still in intensive care, in addition to the killing and injury of several armed forces during the militia's shelling of military sites surrounding the road at the same time.


For their part, representatives of the community initiative expressed their thanks to the leadership of Marib Governorate, represented by VP of the PLC and Marib Governor Sultan al-Arada, for their responsiveness, welcome to the initiative, and cooperation.