Electrical equipment unloaded in Marib gas-fired station with output capacity 126MGV
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A shipment of electrical equipment including transformers unloaded Monday in Marib. These electrical equipment intended to increase Marib-gas station 132/33KV and the two power distribution stations 33/11 KV up to 126MGV to bring the total capacity up to 166MGV.

The shipment includes two transformers for Marib gas station 132/33 with total capacity output 63MGV for each one, besides four more transformers for the two power distribution stations with total output capacity 31.5 MGV for each one.

The Governor Sultan al-Aradah expressed pleasure to see the arrival of the electrical equipment allocated to the first phase of extending the Marib gas-fired station.

The power increase project aims to increase the Marib gas fired station output capacity from 40MGV currently up to 166MGV.
It is important to note that the governorate's needs for power now is 130 MGV, that means there will be 36MGV surplus power.

It is expected to put the extension project into operation in the second half of 2021.



الإثنين 14 ديسمبر-كانون الأول 2020
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