6 killed, dozens injured in new Houthi strike on Al-Jubah south Marib
الموضوع: محليات



At least 6 civilians have been killed so far and dozens injured, many of them seriously, in the Iranian Houthi militia missile strike on residential area of Al-Amoud area in Al-Juba district this evening .


Local sources told Marib Governorate website that the Iranian Houthi militia targeted house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qabli Nimran in Al-Amoud area with a ballistic missile, which resulted in the death of six civilians, some of whom were torn, while dozens were wounded, some of them serious, and were transferred to Marib hospitals for treatment .


The sources confirmed that the rescue teams are still searching under the rubble for victims, the death toll expected to rise.

 The missile strike completely destroyed house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qibli, and caused damage to a number of nearby houses, as well as material losses .


The Iranian Houthi militia’s targeting of the house of tribal leader Nimran is part of its continuous and intense bombing of residential neighborhoods, IDPs camps and gatherings in Marib Governorate with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped drones, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians .

الجمعة 29 أكتوبر-تشرين الأول 2021
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