Al-Aradah, Military advisor of UN's envoy discuss the Terrorist Houthi militias' escalation
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Member of Presidential Leadership Council Maj. General Sultan al-Aradah met today, Thursday, with Military advisor of the Special Envoy of the UN to Yemen Antony Hayward.

The session aimed to discuss the tracks of the UN-brokered humanitarian truce amid the Terrorist Houthi militias' continuing violations and escalation of targeting the oil seaports and economic facilities.

Al-Aradah stressed that it is very important for the UN to undertake its responsibility and role as a sponsor of the humanitarian truce, take deterring measures against the Terrorist Houthi militias after the entire world has come to know that it is the militias which are responsible for blocking the efforts to renew the humanitarian truce, refusing to carry out its articles, foiling regional and international efforts to revive the peace process and establish peace to end the Yemeni peoples' suffering.

The Member of the Presidential Leadership Council has warned of the dangerous consequences of the submissiveness to the Terrorist Houthi militia blackmailing through its intimidating the international navigation and exploiting Safer Tanker's looming environmental disaster and employing the world's worst humanitarian crisis to gain politically.

He also warned that it is very dangerous to overlook the grave violations of the human rights by the Terrorist Houthi militias.

Al-Aradah reiterated the commitment of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to the comprehensive and fair peace that is based on the three main terms of peace references which cannot be abandoned in any political negotiations given that they are agreed on nationally, regionally and internationally.

الخميس 26 يناير-كانون الثاني 2023
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