Al-Arada Discusses the Status of the Health Sector and its Essential Requirements with Ministry of Health Undersecretaries
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Vice President Sultan al-Arada of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) met with Dr. Shawqi al-Sharjabi, Undersecretary for Therapeutic Medicine, and Dr. Abdul Raqib al-Haidari, Assistant Undersecretary for the Population Sector, at the Ministry of Health.

Discussions centered around the health sector's status, fundamental requirements, and notable projects in liberated governorates.

VP al-Arada affirmed the PLC's commitment to modernizing the health sector's infrastructure and praised the Ministry of Health's efforts despite limited resources, emphasizing the need for enhanced coordination and communication with regional and international partners.

Marib Governorate
السبت 10 فبراير-شباط 2024
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