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Friday 19 July 2019

Topics - Local

Marib's deputy governor inspects process of adding national numbers to staff payroll

National Inquiry Committee inspects situation of arrested persons in Marib

Investigations show lawbreakers in Marib have relations with Houthi militia

Marib pays tributes to police martyrs

Marib Executive Bureau holds its monthly meeting

Governor meets with leaders of political parties in Marib

President Hadi makes phone call to Marib Governor

Governor presides over meeting of Marib's security committee

Premier condemns Houthi ballistic missile attack on governor's house

Houthis launch ballistic missile on Marib governor's house

Security campaign to chase wanted men in Marib

Marib Governor presides over meeting to discuss electricity supply project to five districts

Marib Governor applauds opening HQ for Drug Control in Marib

Marib Governor presides over joint meeting to discuss public services

Marib Governor launches high school exams

Marib Executive Bureau convenes its monthly session

Official statement about the completion of technical procedures to link Marib's branch with Central Bank

Defense Minister, Marib Governor perform Eid Al Fitr prayer

Agriculture Ministry, local authority distribute Urea fertilizer at low prices

Marib authority marks 29the anniversary of Unity Day

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