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Security campaign to chase wanted men in Marib

Thursday 04 July 2019 / Marib

Security forces have been chasing wanted men western Marib city since the early hours of the morning, a source in Marib's Security Committee stated on Wednesday. "

The police is carrying out orders issued by the Public Prosecution to forcibly arrest Hussein al-Ameer ,Naji Saleh al-Barout ,Saeed Hamad al-Barout al-Ameer and others", the source said.


The source added that those elements are accused of committing criminal acts ,highway robbery, undermining security and stability ,and killing people ,which the latest was launching a surprise attack on a security patrol in Dam Junction ,on July 1 , led to the killing of two soldiers ; Abdu Yahya Ismael and Badr Farouq Ali, and wounding two others.

The area where the wanted persons were inside was surrounded by the security campaign and while waiting for them to give themselves up after mediations intervened, the security personnel came under a surprise attack from the wanted elements ,killing deputy security director of the Marib district Lt. Col. Mujahid Mabkhout al-Shareef and injuring 3 others, the source said.


"The security campaign has dealt with the situation and now is engaged in the pursuit of the wanted elements and their armed supporters who are trying to use civilians as human shields".


The source confirmed the security campaign will continue to maintain the security and arrest the wanted elements, never tolerate anyone who would dare to disrupt the peace and public order.