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Al-Arada Discusses UNHCR's Role in Alleviating Humanitarian Crisis

Tuesday 24 October 2023 / Marib Governorate

Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Vice President Major General Sultan al-Arada met with UNHCR Representative Maya Ameratunga, and Head of the UNHCR Office in Aden Mohammed Nasri to discuss the dire humanitarian situation in Marib Governorate and UNHCR's role in alleviating the crisis caused by the Houthi militia.


Al-Arada reviewed the worsening humanitarian crisis due to continuous displacement, the economic situation, declining aid funding, the effects of climate change, and the increasing needs that exceed the government and local authorities' capabilities to fulfill following the Houthi militia's assaults on oil export ports. He stressed the urgent need for humanitarian partners to provide necessary support and assistance in various fields.


Al-Arada praised UNHCR's humanitarian role in Yemen, particularly in Marib Governorate. He also mentioned the need for an expanded role in fulfilling the vast needs in various vital sectors, including livelihoods, economic stability, health care, education, water, and shelter. This is in light of the great pressure on public services in Marib Governorate, which hosts large numbers of displaced people in addition to the influx of African migrants.

Al-Arada stressed the importance of transitioning from emergency aid to sustainable solutions as well as focusing on early recovery and development projects in accordance with a transparent and precise vision for the upcoming years.


He also stressed that the political leadership, government, and local authority in Marib will continue providing facilities to partners and international organizations to ensure the success of their humanitarian efforts and interventions.


For her part, Maya Ameratunga expressed her gratitude to Al-Arada and the local authority for their firm support of the displaced, including offering protection and facilitating the efforts of humanitarian partners. She stressed the importance of development partners' role at this critical phase, as efforts are being made to transition from immediate humanitarian response towards transformative and sustainable intervention.

Ameratunga affirmed UNHCR's commitment to prioritizing Marib Governorate, acknowledging its exceptional importance as host to the largest number of displaced individuals in Yemen in addition to the high influx of African migrants.

She also praised the support and continued facilities the local authority in Marib Governorate provides to UNHCR and its office in the Governorate.

UNHCR Representative called on all development agencies and international financial institutions, including the World Bank, to stand by Marib Governorate in its efforts to overcome the current humanitarian situation and move towards initiatives for restoration and sustainable development.