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Al-Arada Affirms Commitment to Building Highly-Skilled Armed Forces, Security Services

Saturday 25 November 2023 / Marib Governorate

Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Vice President Sultan al-Arada witnessed the tactical project of the Special Security Forces and Facilities Protection Police on Saturday, marking the conclusion of the 2023 training year and the graduation of the first joint thunder course.

In his opening address, al-Arada emphasized the political leadership's commitment to fostering a robust and highly skilled armed forces and security apparatus, striving for the highest standards of qualification and training.

He acknowledged the unique circumstances prevailing in the country, underscoring the need for continuous qualitative development of the military and security forces. He reiterated that ongoing training and qualification are fundamental elements for the success of military and security operations.

Al-Arada expressed his admiration for the presentations and skills demonstrated by the constellation of officers and soldiers, reflecting their high morale, enthusiasm, and determination to continue achieving excellence. He emphasized that the current stage demands heightened readiness, absolute preparedness, and sustained high alertness.

Underscoring the armed forces and security services as the nation's safety valve, he stressed their significant historical responsibility to maintain public tranquility, consolidate security and stability, and safeguard national gains.

Addressing the graduating batch, al-Arada asserted, "You are the nation's hope in achieving security and safety, restoring state institutions. Exert utmost effort in performing your duties to protect the nation and serve the citizens with unwavering dedication."

The Chief of the General Staff, Lt Gen Sagheer bin Aziz, the Undersecretaries of Interior Ministry, Mohammed Saleh bin Aboud, and Abdul Nasser Sabira, along with several other prominent military and security officials, were in attendance.