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Tuesday 03 August 2021

Huge funeral held for the child Layan Tahir, her father in Marib

Thursday 10 June 2021 / Marib

Hundreds of children and parents attended a large funeral held in the city of Marib today to pay tributes to the little girl Layan Tahir, her father and one more victim of the Houthi militias' ballistic missile attack on the gasoline station last Saturday.


The terrorist assaulted claimed the lives of 21 civilians including two children Lian Tahir (5-year old) and Hassan al-Hobeishi (10-year). The children raised up boards read" Abdulmalik al-Houthi Children Killer".


The mourners voiced condemnation of the International Community's passivity toward this horrific crime and Houthi militia's crimes and brutalities against the civilians and the IDPs.