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Saturday 23 September 2023

Al-Arada, Egyptian Military Attaché Discuss Security and Military Cooperation

Wednesday 09 August 2023 / Marib website


Major General Sultan al-Arada, the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) VP and Governor of Marib, received on Wednesday the military attaché at the Egyptian embassy in Yemen, Brigadier General Samer Shaaban, to discuss security and military cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, Major General al-Arada pointed out to the strong bond between Yemen and Egypt, emphasizing their shared destiny. He also highlighted the common challenges, threats, and risks faced by both countries due to the destabilizing role of the Iranian regime and its terrorist proxies, which pose a threat to regional security, global trade, and maritime routes.

Gen. Al-Arada touched on the historical and exceptional relationship between the two nations and their people in all areas of cooperation. The PLC VP praised the honorable role played by the courageous armed forces of the Egyptian Republic in supporting the causes of the Arab nation and safeguarding their common national interests, particularly the Yemeni cause.


Gen. Al-Arada further stated that Egypt has played and continues to play a crucial and decisive role in supporting Yemen and its people across various phases and circumstances, as well as its commitment to Yemen's security, stability, and territorial integrity.