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Al-Arada Discusses Latest Developments with Officials from Various Governorates

Wednesday 22 November 2023 / Marib Governorate

Presidential Leadership Council Vice President and Governor of Marib, Major General Sultan al-Arada, convened a meeting with undersecretaries from various governorates to discuss the latest political, economic, and security developments on the national stage.

During the meeting, al-Arada welcomed the undersecretaries representing Sanaa, Hodeidah, Hajjah, Dhamar, Al Mahwait, Amran, Al Hudaydah, Ibb, Raymah, Saada, Taiz, and Al Bayda. Al-Arada received briefings on the conditions of citizens in Houthi-controlled governorates, shedding light on the impoverishment and starvation policies used by the Houthi militia against Yemenis in these areas under their control. Additionally, he was briefed on the circumstances of civilians forcibly displaced to Marib, their urgent needs, primary challenges, and potential solutions. Discussions also touched upon ongoing efforts to enhance basic services in displacement camps and host communities.

Updating the local officials, Al-Arada provided insights into the latest Yemeni developments across political, economic, military, and security realms. He outlined the reform initiatives undertaken by the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to improve citizens' living conditions and address the economic and humanitarian crises instigated by the terrorist Houthi militias.

He commended the pivotal and influential role played by leaders from these governorates, currently present in Marib, in supporting the national battle against the terrorism of the Houthi militia on the frontlines of Marib and other areas throughout Yemen.

For their part, the local officials expressed their gratitude to Gen Sultan al-Arada and the executive and service offices for hosting the increasing numbers of displaced individuals arriving in Marib daily from all Yemeni governorates and ensuring that their basic needs are met and the necessary services provided; despite limited resources and weak infrastructure.