Deputy Miftah, WFP Yemen director inspect IDPs camp in Marib
الموضوع: محليات

Deputy Governor of Marib, Dr. Abd Rabbu Miftah, and the Country Director of the World Food Program in Yemen, Laurent Bukera surveyed the living conditions of the escapees from the Houthi rebel militia in Al-Suwayda IPDs camp, north of the city of Marib.

They reviewed the IDPs' most basic needs, and the challenges they face and ways to address them.

They were exposed to first hand briefings from the refugees themselves on what they need for relief, accommodation and as services especially in light of the recurring displacements from place to place within Marib due to the continuous terrorist Houthi bombardments of IDPs camps/.

The visiting officials stressed the need to update the lists of IDPs who arrive successively to the camp and other camps in Marib and to redouble efforts to secure monthly food rations for them starting in a prompt manner.

الثلاثاء 13 يوليو-تموز 2021
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