PLC VP Al-Arada Receives UN Special Envoy to Yemen
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Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Vice President (VP), Major General Sultan al-Arada, received the UN Special Envoy, Hans Grundberg, on Wednesday. This visit marks the first time the Special Envoy has come to the governorate since his appointment. They discussed a variety of issues related to humanitarian, political, economic, military, and security aspects.


During the meeting, Maj. Gen. al-Arada welcomed the UN Special Envoy and his delegation to Marib Governorate. He praised the United Nations' efforts in facilitating the peace process in Yemen, their progress on the prisoner file, and their successful mission to offload the oil tanker (Safer), which prevented a significant environmental, economic, and humanitarian crisis.


The VP highlighted the PLC and the government's support for the UN Envoy's peace efforts in Yemen, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the three principle references: the GCC initiative and executive mechanism, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, and UN Resolution 2216.

"The international community should realize the need for the Houthi militias to undergo a preparatory process in order to be ready for peace," stated Al-Arada.

"The Houthi group seeks a tactical peace, with their negotiators attempting to divert the attention of the international community and undermine its efforts, enabling them to continue the conflict. Similar to other terrorist organizations, this group thrives solely during times of war."


He also mentioned that a unified solution would help restore state institutions, highlighting that a fragmented approach only benefits the Houthis, as observed in the case of the Stockholm Agreement.

Al-Arada emphasized the necessity of directing international efforts to support the rule of law and avoiding comparison between the logic of law and violence. He pointed out that the Houthi group actively nurtures terrorism, demonstrated by their use of terrorist elements and their clear coordination and collaboration with other terrorist groups.


The PLC Vice President called on Yemen's friends to assist the government in its economic crisis, resulting from the Houthi militias' targeting of the port of Dabbah and halting the export of crude oil. He also expressed gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for providing relief, humanitarian aid, and economic support to the Yemeni people.


Meanwhile, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen reiterated his commitment to advancing the political process and achieving peace in the country.

Marib Governorate
الخميس 31 أغسطس-آب 2023
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