Al-Arada, US Ambassador Discuss the Latest Developments in Yemen
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Major General Sultan al-Arada, Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), held a video call on Tuesday with US Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Fagin, to discuss recent political, economic, and humanitarian developments in Yemen, as well as the ongoing peace process.


During their discussion, Vice President al-Arada and Ambassador Fagin focused on strengthening the bilateral relationship between Yemen and the United States, exploring ways to enhance cooperation between the two nations in various fields. They thoroughly reviewed ongoing efforts to resume political negotiations and revitalize the peace process in Yemen.

Emphasis was placed on regional and international endeavors to support a comprehensive agreement addressing the Yemeni crisis and mitigating its humanitarian consequences.


The VP Al-Arada reaffirmed the unwavering commitment of the PLC and the government to a fair and all-encompassing peace approach, aligning with the aspirations of the Yemeni people. This approach aims to end their humanitarian suffering and establish security and stability throughout the nation.

The VP highlighted significant concessions and substantial facilitation made by the PLC in previous years, supporting United Nations' efforts to end the crisis—from negotiations in Kuwait to discussions in Geneva, Amman, and the Stockholm Agreements.


Furthermore, the PLC VP emphasized the need for any regional or international initiatives to adhere to established references, including the Gulf Initiative, its implementation mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216. These references are regarded as national principles and a consensus among Yemenis, recognized regionally and internationally, including by the United Nations and the Security Council. Therefore, they cannot be disregarded, bypassed, or fragmented in any negotiations seeking to achieve a just and sustainable comprehensive peace in Yemen.

Marib Governorate
الثلاثاء 19 ديسمبر-كانون الأول 2023
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