Al-Arada Meets Marib Leaders on Economic Reforms, Security Challenges
الموضوع: محليات


Sultan al-Arada, Vice President of Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council, met with sheikhs, social figures, and scholars in Marib on Sunday to discuss the political and economic situation.

Al-Arada briefed the gathering on recent government decisions, including fuel price increases as part of reforms to the economy and public finances. He stressed the need for unity and support for the state's efforts. The vice president emphasized the importance of combined efforts across Marib society to strengthen cohesion, prioritize national interests, and reject divisions sowed by Houthi militants.

Noting Marib's unique circumstances, al-Arada affirmed government and local authorities' commitment to improving basic services for citizens and addressing needs like education, health, and electricity to ease their burden during hard times.

Al-Arada commended Marib's leaders, officials, and residents for overcoming challenges through cooperation and preserving national gains. He assured continued work to improve services like education, health, and electricity despite difficult conditions.

Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, Chief of Staff of Yemen's Joint Forces, emphasized that ensuring security and stability is a paramount focus at this stage.

Bin Aziz praised the sacrifices made by the people of Marib and all honorable individuals in Yemen to defend the homeland, safeguard the revolution and the republic, and preserve the nation's hard-won achievements.

Marib Governorate
الأحد 24 ديسمبر-كانون الأول 2023
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