Miftah discusses with IOM humanitarian situations of IDPs in Marib
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Deputy Governor of Marib Abd-Rabbu Miftah discussed Sunday with the Head of International Organization for Migration's mission in Yemen Christa Rottensteiner humanitarian and livelihood situation of displaced persons, who were forced for displacement recently by Houthi militia's continuous military shelling on Marib.

In the meeting included Director of the Executive Unit for Managing Camps of Displaced People Saif Muthanna, Miftah talked about suffering of around 14 thousand families in 39 new camps installed for providing shelters to forcibly displaced people from Marib's southern districts over Houthi militia's continuous attacks on their areas.

He pointed out that the humanitarian file has become a big burden on local authority of Marib and its offices and this requires boosting cooperation and coordination between partners of humanitarian work in the province to alleviate suffering of displaced people.

He confirmed enhancing partnership between local authority and IOM for facing challenges and mobilizing more supporters and humanitarian financers, praising efforts of the organization for its response to humanitarian needs of the displaced people.

For her part, the head of the IOM's mission in Yemen clarified that her visit to the province aims at inspecting developments of humanitarian situation and conveying suffering of displaced people to international community.

She pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Marib requires swift humanitarian response to fill the humanitarian gap through mobilizing more of resources and support to alleviate suffering of the increasingly numbers of displaced people.

Sunday 28 November 2021
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