Marib Dep. Governor highly appreciates Kuwait's support for Yemeni people
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Deputy Governor of Marib governorate Dr. Abd-Rabbu Meftah expressed thanks and gratitude to the Kuwaiti government and people for their significant contribution to the humanitarian, relief and development actions in Yemen.

He voiced his remarks today as he received the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Association's delegation headed by Dr. Abdurrahman al-Aowf.

The Kuwaiti delegation visit to Marib governorate aimed to find out first-hand information about the humanitarian situations.

Dr. Meftah provided the delegation with a detailed report about the humanitarian situations in the governorate which has been housing the largest portion of the IDPs in the country.

He stated that Houthi militia's unending military operations on Marib have further exacerbated the humanitarian situations, worsening the IDPs suffering.

" The militiamen have displaced more than one hundred thousand persons from Marib southern districts over the recent three months, they're living in 100 camps in the city and al-Wadi district amid very difficult humanitarian conditions", said Meftah.

Monday 27 December 2021
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