VP Al-Arada Attends Consultative Meeting on Protecting Yemen's Cultural Heritage
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Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), Sultan al-Arada, attended the conclusion of a three-day consultative meeting organized by the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism to discuss challenges and solutions for protecting Yemen's cultural heritage. The meeting, held in the Governorate of Marib, brought together archaeologists, academics and local authorities to discuss an important national issue related to Yemen's identity and history.


In his remarks, al-Arada conveyed greetings from PLC Chairman Rashad al-Alimi and emphasized the importance of preserving Yemen's cultural heritage, which is facing numerous challenges, including destruction, plundering, and obliteration by the Houthi militia. He noted that inclusion of the Kingdom of Sheba on the World Heritage List represents international recognition that elevates the historical importance of Yemen's ancient civilizations and stressed the need for coordinated efforts among various government agencies, media, culture, antiquities, tourism, and local authorities to develop a comprehensive plan to protect and preserve the country's cultural heritage.

Al-Arada also called for improved archaeological sites, rehabilitation, protection, and preservation, as well as awareness programs to introduce cultural heritage, train specialized cadres, and exchange expertise and experiences locally, regionally, and internationally.

Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism Muammar al-Eryani stressed that protecting antiquities is not just a national duty but a service to humanity, as it preserves history and ensures the continuity of telling the story of civilization.

He expressed his appreciation to the PLC Chairman and members for their efforts to restore Yemen and emphasized the need for concerted efforts to overcome the challenges of preserving Yemen's cultural heritage.

Al-Eryani also highlighted the importance of utilizing modern technologies in documenting and preserving antiquities, strengthening regional and international cooperation, and benefiting from their experience and capabilities.

Marib Governorate
Saturday 28 October 2023
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