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Monday 29 November 2021

Marib governor briefs P5 heads of missions on huma situations in governorate

Thursday 21 October 2021 / Marib

Governor of Marib governorate Sultan al-Aradah discussed on Thursday with the P5 heads of missions (China, UK, US, Russia, France) to Yemen the latest developments in the governorate.

During a video call, the governor briefed the ambassadors on the dire humanitarian situation in Marib amid Houthi militia ongoing military operations, besieging al-Abdiyah District and attacks on civilians using Iran-made ballistic missiles.

The governor detailed the humanitarian situations that Iran-backed Houthi's ongoing military operations have further exacerbated, citing the most pressing needs of the civilians and IDPs and the local authorities' efforts to cope with these challenges.

Governor Al-Arada reaffirmed that Marib today is in a stronger position, as its local and tribal society stand by the national army to confront the Houthi terrorist militia.

Al-Aradah touched upon the international organizations operate in the governorate, blaming these organization for failing to help the besieged people of al-Abidiyah. He stated that children, women, old and injured peoples were left facing death while relief organizations did nothing to offer help.

He made it clear that the humanitarian organizations failed to do their humanitarian job as their headquarters remain in Sana'a and the Houthi militia exercising pressures on them.

The P5 heads appreciated Marib governor role and local authority leadership efforts to protect the civilians and help the IDPs.