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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Team from Marib's local authority and executive offices arrives in Kigali

Tuesday 23 August 2022 / Marib


A government team from Marib Governorate arrived today in the capital Kigali, Rwandan as part of a Learning Exchange Visit to learn about the pioneering Rwandan experience in recovery and reconstruction and on the mechanisms, methods and tools used in implementing and managing urban projects in innovative ways.
The team is leaded by the head of the technical office in the Marib governorate, Dr. Ali Al-Jabal, and its membership includes the director of the Marib governor’s office, the governor’s press secretary, and the general managers of information, documentation, statistics, women’s development, electricity institution, water and sanitation institution, cleaning and improvement fund, the lands surveying, urban planning offices, and public works and roads office.
This Learning Exchange Visit comes as one of the activities related to building the capacity of local authorities with the aim of enabling them to design and implement recovery plans that meet the local expanded public services within the SIERY project implemented by the United Nations Development Program - Yemen and funded by the European Union.
This visit aims to provide a learning and practical experience for the local authority leaders and the executive service offices in the Marib governorate, to get a close look at the successful experiences in Rwanda on the ground and to benefit from them in developing strategies and development plans that contribute to stimulating local development, expanding the base of economic resources and improving the level of response in providing basic services in the Marib city and explore the shortcomings and imbalances in all previous plans and develop appropriate solutions to overcome them in the future.
During the opening session of the visit, the head and members of the Marib government team heard from the Executive Director of the Rwandan Cooperation Agency, Christina Nko Lekinka, the Director of National and Economic Planning in the Ministry of Finance, Ariane Zingiro, and the Director of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department at the Ministry of Local Government, Maurice, to a detailed explanation of the Rwandan experience in the field of post-genocide reconstruction 28 years ago, an addition to, (I) the opportunities and challenges in financial and administrative planning; (II) implementation of service and urban projects, mechanisms for providing basic services to citizens; (III) and activating the functions of social accountability in society.
The participants expressed their need to benefit from this experience, which will help them compare the conditions of their governorate that is going through and learn how to use the Rwandan experiences to overcome the developmental and urban difficulties and challenges facing the governorate.
Where they expressed their initial admiration for what they saw during this visit of a comprehensive renaissance that Rwanda is witnessing in all fields and sectors, economic, development, and urban and basic infrastructure projects. The participants are thanking and appreciating the role of the SIERY project for providing this opportunity Which will directly contribute to reflecting tangible results towards development and stability.

Emphasizing that they will draw from those successful experiences, especially in the field of recovery, urban profiling and public services, many successful action plans that can be implemented immediately and that will have a tangible impact in stimulating local and economic development and improving the response of urban areas to basic services.